The Hand Things Down Application

Download the Hand Things Down iOS application
Download Hand Things Down Mobile iOS Application

Hand Things Down iOS Application is available, now!

For busy moms, use the Hand Things Down mobile application on your iPhone to help your friends while clearing out the clutter in your closets and garages.  Save by claiming things your friends post, right from your Facebook newsfeed.


Install the Hand Things Down application on your iPhone (or iPod Touch).
Use the application to take picture, describe, and post those items you want to give away. The Hand Things Down application will post to your Facebook newsfeed for others to claim.
Your friends can claim those items posted to the newsfeed and you will be notified via email with times that they can pick it up.
Keep an eye out for your friends’ Hand Things Down postings on the Facebook feed to save on things you need. 

Invite your friends to participate in the Hand Things Down application, itself—the more friends that participate, the more you can share.


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