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Mommy Time: Learning to knit and create crafty cardsI attended my first craft and candle party and it was a welcome girls night. I was looking forward to getting to know the moms in the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) group Ive joined since coming to Arizona. Once I moved here, Ive been so focused on my kids, work, and the gym; I havent made local friends until now.

Angela and Amber created some example cards for us to copy. This was great because I was overwhelmed with choice of paper, stamps, glue, ribbon, etc. Plus, they had a really cool machine which could cut paper, vinyl, and cloth into letters, flowers, and other designs. I want one! Its not clear what I would use it for since my latest project is ironing on designs on my daughters shirts and hoodies. With the materials they provided, I made my dad a Fathers day card since thats coming up this month and it means no scrambling for a card at the last-minute. Did I mention Ive forgotten how much I love crafting?!

Later Jeannette arrived with her knitting and I sat with her to learn how to cast on, knit, and purl. I wished I brought my knitting needles to practice, if I dont get bored with knitting on my own, friends in colder climates will get scarves this year. Just dont expect designer worthy scarves, I think you have to alternate knitting and purling to get the v design and my disclaimer is Ill be doing this while watching TV with my kids. Its very likely there will be a distraction that will cause me to lose track, so think of them as scarves with character.

The highlight of the evening was sitting around chatting, learning about everyone, and snacking. So cool to find out at least three of the ladies were secret gamers, I might have to check out Portal. It sounds like fun, although, Im not sure I need to find another reason to sit in front of my computer. I walked away with such a good feeling because we got a chance to be creative and talk without worrying about running around after kids.

What are your favorite things to do when youre hanging out for girl time? Post them in the comments. By the way, what are your favorite crafting blogs? I would love to get ideas for projects to do with my kids.

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