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Giving stuff away can be an emotional experience and sometimes overwhelming when it comes to parting with your kids’ precious things. In a recent Desperate Housewives episode, Lynette cried as she was folding Paige’s last onesie. She was crying because she was getting ready to donate Paige’s baby clothes to a friend who was pregnant. She was sad her youngest of five kids was no longer a baby and she wasn’t going to have a baby in the house anymore.

During our conversations with moms to find out what triggered them to hand down, sell, or swap clothes, toys, or furniture their kids were no longer using, we uncovered the main reason was simply running out of space. Some moms hold on to baby furniture because they haven’t ruled out having more children. This is especially difficult because handing down all the infant furniture, strollers, and clothes makes the decision not to have kids so final. From other moms we learned that giving away, donating, or selling baby furniture can actually be liberating.

Personally, I had gave away of my daughter’s baby things because we moved a bit when she was younger and I didn’t have space in our tiny duplex to store everything I wanted to keep. When I had my youngest 7 years later, I was able to buy new baby stuff and it felt like I was a first time mom again.

To make room in your home, here are a couple tips to preserve memories of when your child was a baby.

  • Turn your baby’s onesies or printed shirts into a quilt. Thanks @trulyuseful for the tip!
  • Create a digital keepsake of your toddler using digital scrapbooking software like RocketLife. This is software to make non-scrapbookers (like myself)  look like they can have scrapbooking talent.
    1. Download the software to your computer or use the website.
    2. Import your photos, no need to organize them.
    3. Select a theme.
    4. The software will create photo groupings based on their secret sauce to get a scrapbook in less than 10 minutes.
    5. You can order the scrapbook along with matching mugs or calendars to send out to grandparents.

You don’t need to be a desperate housewife to take these steps to make room for the next stage of your kids’ growth. Leave your tips trade kids things in the comments; we’ll update this post to include some of them.

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