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I start my days reading my latest book for about 30 minutes or catching up on my favorite blogs online. I am an avid reader so I read for pleasure, personal development, and business in no particular order. I find the more I read, the more open my mind becomes and helps ideas flow freely. The side effect of this is a ton of books, some of which I’ve sold through Amazon or given away to friends.

Today, I read a the Freestyle Mind blog where this guy is giving away 43 personal development books on his blog and shipping them for free. Yes a small expense on his part, however, he not only is cleaning out his space, he is also paying forward some of the knowledge which could be gleaned from these books. In this spirit, we are giving away a book to save you time and automate your life. As I clean out my place, I will be posting more books I’m giving away.

If you are interested, please do some of the following:

  • Let us know you would like The 4 Hour Workweek in the comments. We will select a reader at random.
  • Become a Fan of Hand Things Down on Facebook to be notified of new articles or give aways.
  • Remember to use your real email address, that way I’ll be able to contact you if you win.
  • I don’t ask anything in return and I will ship in the United States for free.
  • You have time until midnight of April 15 2010 UTC+2 to make your submission.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your personal library more manageable:

  • Get your favorite books from the library, use their online system to browse and put a hold on your selections. This is a great way to give you deadlines on when to finish a book because you have to return it.
  • If you have a Kindle, Kindle for PC, or Kindle for iPhone/Blackberry, buy the Kindle edition of the book to save money and trees.
  • If you have another e-reader download the e-book version to save space and have your books with you every where you go.
  • Trade books with friends, post a status message on Facebook or Tweet you’re done with your book and ask who wants it next.

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