Kids Writing a YouTube Channel Story Board

Kids Writing a Sketch
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As a tech-addicted mom, I try to look at ways technology or gadgets can help bring people closer together. I never imagined the kids would find ways to use technology to create a richer, more imaginative way to play. I’m extra stoked that a by-product is that my daughters and my nephew are spending more time writing. Can you imagine how hard I would have to rack my brain to come up with a way to make writing fun?

Flip UltraHD Video Camera - Blue NEWEST MODEL
The Gift That Started It All
My nephew was super excited to get a a Flip video camera for his 12th birthday. The kids inform me it’s called a “Flipcam”. He was previously using the webcam on the computer to create “talkshows” on his first YouTube channel. My sister wasn’t aware he had a YouTube channel at first so she told him he needed to shut it down. I suggested that we lock down the YouTube channel so you can’t view it unless you have the password. Whew…my nephew’s directorial career has a chance to flourish.

Executive Producer in Charge (or maybe in the making)
The gift of the Flipcam opened a whole new world for the kids, now they aren’t limited by sitting in front of the computer to create their shows. My nine year old daughter emailed me the sketches she was writing for a couple episodes of my nephew’s YouTube channel. When I was 9 years old, I think I rode my bike, climbed trees, and had water fights with my friends in the neighborhood. I certainly wasn’t thinking about writing sketches for shows I plan to create with my friends. I don’t even think we were creative enough to come up with writing our own low-tech plays back in the day.

Proud Mama Moment
I can’t begin to express how impressed I am with my kids and nephew for their initiative and creativity in writing a story board for what they are planning to film for their YouTube channel. How do they even know they should write a sketch, create a story board, then write a script. Did I mention my niece who is taking a starring roll in the show can’t even READ what they are writing because she’s only three?

The Sketch
Here is my daughter’s email to my nephew with her suggestion for their first sketch. Besides a little spell-check, these are her words.

You should create a television station. But make it funny. Like, you could do commercials on random items like bring a nerf gun or a pen maybe even a pillow. Then have a news interruption reporting about something stupid like Maya winning a board game then put a close up on Maya winning hi ho cherry-o and you saying you just won nothing. Then you ask Maya random questions. Then make up an episode of your favorite show maybe the show punk’d, if my sister is happy we will do it on her. The news interruption will be outside and we will have papers and a table then Maya will be on the other side of the patio then we will do a close up.Or we can pretend we are in the woods (guest room at night or the weekend, doors closed, bring flash-light ) you, me & my sister are a family with blankets on the ground we’re camping then Maya roars. We think she is a bear and we are scared but then we forget we brought Maya to camp with us.

Do your kids have a YouTube channel? IF not, would you allow them to have one? Have they asked you for a Flip cam? Let me know in the comments, I would love to find out how other moms or dads are dealing with their kids desires to be the star of their own reality show.

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