Tackling the Toy Box

Does your child have an overflowing toy box full of toys they no longer use? The assortment of stuffed animals, favorite toys, McDonalds freebies, odds and ends of different game pieces become too much to stuff into the box and the floor or the entire closet becomes a big junk pile.

Here’s what we do to help keep the toy box from becoming another disaster area.

Tools needed:

  • Laundry basket
  • 2 Garbage bags (one bag for trash and the other for things to donate)
  • Kitchen timer or cell phone to countdown time


  • Set your timer for 30 minutes
  • Have your child pick out 10 of their favorite toys and have them put them in the laundry basket. Tell them it’s a game to finish cleaning out the toy box before the timer goes off. Let them know which bag is which and start organizing.
  • Have your kids put additional toys they are keeping into the laundry basket
  • Throw all toys missing arms, legs, or games which are missing so many pieces it’s unplayable in the garbage bag labeled trash.
  • Throw all toys your child has outgrown in the donate bag, these toys should be in fairly good condition.
  • After the timer goes off, haul the garbage bag with trash into the garbage can. Take the bag to donate and put it in the car so it can be taken to your local donation station. Move all the toys your kids are keeping back into the toy box.

To keep the toy box from becoming overrun with toys going forward, have your child pick a toy to donate every time they get a new one.

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