Too Much Weekend Sun?

Treatment for Sunburn Whether you went away for the long weekend or decided a staycation was better for the budget this weekend, it’s likely you and your kids might have indulged in too much sun and paying for it today. My family decided to stay home this weekend with the ridiculous gas prices and the kids were water babies. They were asking to go to the pool as soon as they opened their eyes and it took a lot of creativity to keep them in the house until the hottest part of the day passed. Even with slathering the kids with tons of sunblock at least 30 minutes before going into the pool and reapplying, it’s inevitable some spots were missed.

Here are some tips from the Mayo Clinic to ease sunburn discomfort:

  • Keep skin cool by wetting a towel with cool water or letting the kids play in a cool bath.
  • Keep the sunburned area moist with aloe vera or moisturizing cream, taking care to avoid products containing alcohol which can dry out the skin.
  • Don’t pop blisters, popping blisters will slow healing and increase the risk of infection. You can cover the blisters with gauze so the kids don’t pick at it.
  • Treat peeling skin by applying moisturizing cream. Peeling skin is the body’s way of getting rid of the top layer of damaged skin.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that you consult a doctor for sunburn treatment if:
Severe sunburn covers a large portion of the body with blisters.
Sunburn is accompanied by high fever or severe pain.
Severe sunburn doesn’t begin to improve within a few days.

Tips to avoid future sunburn:

  • Select sunscreen that blocks both UVA & UVB rays with sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15.
  • Use sunscreen frequently and liberally, use a shotglass full to make sure you applied enough.

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